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We understand that your
employees play a key role
in your business.

Supplementary Cards

Recognize and reward your key employees with many of the benefits you enjoy by giving them their own Supplementary Card.

  • Manage your expenses more efficiently with one statement showing all charges separated by Card
  • Earn points on all Supplementary Card purchases.

To inquire, simply call 1-888-721-1044
Outside of Canada call 905-474-1229

Employee Card Misuse Protection1

When you give employees a Card, it shows you trust them. It can hurt if your employee abuses your trust, but we don't want it to hurt your business. That's why we'll cover eligible unauthorized charges if you terminate the Supplementary Cardmember and cancel their Card within 2 business days. Employee Card Misuse Protection is a new benefit created specifically for business owners and it provides coverage of up to $100,000 per Cardmember in case employees misuse their employee Card for unauthorized charges. The time you spent worrying about your employee Cards can now be spent working on growing your business.

 Terms and Conditions
  1. Employee Card Misuse Protection is not insurance. It is a benefit made available to you by Amex Bank of Canada and Administered by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada. Please read the terms and conditions of Employee Card Misuse Protection carefully, as they include specific terms, limitations, conditions and exclusions that may affect your coverage.